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When does the "Team Approach" begin?

  This should start as early in the project as possible.   It never hurts to get input from persons who have experience building while the drawing phase is going on.

What is the "Project Team Approach"?

  The team approach is the best way to accomplish your projects requirements. Too much tasking on any one person will lead to a "bottleneck" in the project delivery.  It's at this "bottleneck" that the project now sacrifices one or more of the following items: schedule milestones, quality, safety, communication, follow through, and eventually trust.  By bringing in the team, the communications start earlier and if necessary some workloads can be shifted for the benefit of the project.  Additionally, the members of the team that are associated with the build will be able to provide invaluable feedback and insights to potential issues with certain aspects of the proposed design methods, constructability, cost implications, and timing issues (weather effects). 

Where will the "Team" meet?

   Considering the various technologies available today, the teams could meet at the site, over a web ex conference call, or at the architect or engineers office if appropriate for the phase of the project. Large files of information can be passed back and forth using online storage providers.  With these kind of capabilities its not always necessary for the entire team to travel to the jobsite anymore every week or two to see where the projects stands.  This translates into less travel expenses being charged to the client by the various designers and administrators of the project. 


Who is on the "Team"?

  The team will consist of the Client, Architects, Engineers, Construction Manager and/or General Contractor, and any other prime contracts the Client will hold during the project.