Some of our clients include:

- Universities 

- Industrial Building Groups

- Commercial Tenants

- Subcontractors

- Supplies

Typical Services Provided:

1. General Contracting,

2. Construction Management,

3. Owner Representation,

4. Bid Facilitation,

Tailored's Core Values

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​Projects & Experience

Customizable Services

Our firm is founded on the premise to allow the customer to choose and "tailor" the degree in which they would like our services involved in each of their projects. We utilize an honest and open dialogue in our projects that our clients find refreshing and uncommon in the industry today. Follow the links above for more information and examples of what other clients have used our firm for in the past as well as other services that may suit your needs.

"Project Team"          AppRoach

Giving Back

5. Plan Review for Coordination,

6. Property Management,

7. Project Progress Inspections,

8. Estimating Services, and

9. other services as the need requires.

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Client and Industry Raves

     "...When we found Adrian, we were actually looking for a Contract Engineer to be the Project Manager for our roofing replacement, following an EF3 tornado. With a demanding workload facing the 3 resident Engineers, we needed to find someone that could self-manage their work, with very little oversight. Adrian came into our organization, learned the safety requirements, learned the various work approval processes, and took off running. Adrian had the challenging task of not only repairing the damage permanently, but addressing leaks that occurred on a daily basis to keep our cars and our associates safe. Our plant management, or safety section, and our engineering management soon became confident in Adrian's abilities, and he got the job done, with minimal disruption to our plant operations. This task was much more difficult than it sounds.
What impressed me most about Adrian was that he never acted like a contractor. That was my biggest concern with hiring a Construction Management person, rather than a project engineer. Adrian came into our operation, adopted an owner's perspective, and instantly began defending SIA's interests. We expanded his role to virtually all of the storm damage repairs as well as many of our normal annual capital projects, freeing up our engineers to focus fully on expansion work. Adrian even took an important supporting role in design reviews and contract discussions for these expansion projects. Adrian is an outstanding construction manager and I highly recommend him. He is a very honest, ethical, and dedicated person.

-Tim Winicker, Building Group Manager, SIA

     Adrian is a highly skilled project manager. His attention to detail and diverse construction experience is an asset to any project. Adrian has an innate ability to drive projects to achieve all of the goals: Quality - Time - Cost. I have the utmost respect for Adrian and would highly recommend him for any project.

-TJ Hutchinson, Branch Manager, NES Rentals​​